The Next Stage in Racing Fun: 4x4 EVO 2 Comes to the Mac

By Brad Cook
Ever feel like taking the road less traveled? Want to head off the beaten path and forge your own trail?

truck flying through the air
Hold your steering wheel tight, ’cause 4x4 EVO 2
is about to hit your hard drive.

Mac OS XThen grab a copy of Aspyr Media’s latest release, 4x4 EVO 2, and load it on your Mac for an exhilarating off-road experience. And don’t worry about running out of gas: 4x4 EVO 2 was engineered for the high-octane performance of Mac OS X. Underneath the hood of Mac OS X lie several technologies that provide hitch-free racing, including multitasking and the high-end 3D technology OpenGL.

modified truck
Fully modifiable vehicles will keep you on track.

Complete the Race Your Way
A sequel to the popular game 4x4 Evolution, 4x4 EVO 2 sports not only a hip, shorter name but also 120 modifiable SUVs and trucks, 30 race courses with plenty of options, and an expanded career mode that includes special missions. All the cars in the game are modeled after their real-life counterparts manufactured by GMC, Toyota, Lexus, and other car companies.

4x4 Evolution featured life-like animations and weather conditions, and 4x4 EVO 2 expands on that visual repertoire. All the vehicles are so detailed that you can see the other drivers through the windshields; they even turn their steering wheels in the direction their vehicles are turning. You can drive in fog or rain, during midday or dusk, and the game becomes correspondingly tougher as the sun goes down and the road conditions realistically worsen. And watch out for trees, poles, boulders, and other obstacles — your vehicle obeys the laws of physics if you strike one.

jeep in the jungle
The competition is fierce —
watch for shortcuts to gain an edge.

Unlike many other racing games, however, 4x4 EVO 2 doesn’t feature race courses with definable tracks. You follow an arrow that points in the general direction you should drive, but you can look for shortcuts that will get you to the finish line faster. In fact, you’re encouraged to look for faster routes, because your computer opponents are merciless drivers who will happily push you into a boulder if they get a chance. For more tips, see the “Gameplay Tips” sidebar.

Freedom to Explore
Luckily, this game offers a free roam mode that you can use to familiarize yourself with the courses and figure out the best shortcuts. This mode is devoid of opponents and the pressure of a race, so you can cruise the environment and take in the sights at your leisure. In fact, if you’ve ever fantasized about spending a weekend afternoon driving through a remote area and putting off some real world responsibilities for a while, this is your chance.

We have a feeling, though, that the lure of the racing circuit will be too strong, and you’ll need to prove your driving abilities not only to those heartless computer opponents but also to your pals, thanks to the game’s online multiplayer option.
  Note: 4x4 EVO 2 is no longer available from Aspyr, but you may still be able to find it at your favorite online retailer.

Simply select the multiplayer menu and choose an online game to join. You can race against any 4x4 EVO 2 players, even if they’re on PCs.

It’s Not Just a Game, it’s a Career
logoIf you choose to stick with computer opponents, you can play the role of reckless off-road racing professional (minus the real broken bones) in career mode. When you embark on your career, the computer hands you $30,000 in virtual money that you use to purchase and modify a vehicle. Just like in real life, you can pull your truck into the garage and tinker with the suspension, tires, brakes, and other settings to your heart’s content.

Says Amy Torres, Director of PR and Marketing for Aspyr: “[4x4 EVO 2] is even better than the real thing, as you don’t have to wash the car and you can deck your cool ride out with whatever your heart desires.”

dirt track
Detailed environments and road surfaces
add to the realism.

As you progress through career mode, you enter races and take on missions to earn more money with which you can either upgrade your existing vehicle or buy a better one. The missions include objectives that you must complete for a financial reward, such as transporting supplies to a village cut off by an earthquake, or delivering an important package to an out-of-the-way recipient. Once you complete your objective, however, there are usually a few hidden surprises you can pick up for extra cash, so keep looking around.

Your ultimate goal in career play should be to join a team. There are several off-road racing teams in the game, each with its own preferred type of racing vehicle. So figure out which team you want to join and win several races in their truck of choice; they will invite you to a qualifying race that you must win to earn a spot on the team. Once you join the club, you will have access to special vehicles and parts that will take your off-road racing to the next level.

Relive past races with the replay feature.

So if you think you have what it takes, we invite you to head down to your local Apple retail store, visit an Apple authorized reseller near you, or click over to the online Apple Store. We’ll have you living the life of an off-road racer in no time. Racing gloves and helmet not included.

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